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Hi, I'm new and desparate. I have two cats who love each other. A boy and a girl. The boy is 1 and the girl is 2. Everything was great at first. Their litter boxes were clear across the room from each other and there were no problems. But eventually I noticed that after a few months the boy started using Halle's litter box sometimes. And they both were interchanging litter boxes. Kind of like if you use mine I'll use yours. So I decided to just put the litter boxes next to each other to make cleaning faster. For a while no problems but for about a month now someone has been peeing on the floor right infront of what would be Halle's littler box, several times a day. I moved Gandalf's litter box back over across the room and cleaned the boxes, gave them brand new litter and disinfected everything so there were no smells. And I put each cat inter thier own litter boxes several times that day so they knew. But still someone is peeing in front of Halles box. If I leave it there it just builds up. A small amount is not enough for who ever it is. I'm ready to freak out. My husband is ready to throw them both out. We are going away on vacation for a week and I don't want a giant mess when I get back. I have no idea what to do. Is there anything I can try?
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