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Valdi got adopted after 10 months! - Yahoo!

Valdi is a dog that I walked many times at the SPCA. He was at the Montreal SPCA for 10 months and he just got adopted. Here's his story:

This first part is by Azadeh a volunteer dogwalker

i work at the Laurentian Bank in a small department and most of the time I work alone with my boss, Max. We spend a lot of time talking, he has told me he wanted a dog for a few months now but he absolutely wanted a puppy of pure breed from a breeder.

I started volunteering at the SPCA about one month ago, i have told him about many dogs and who my favorite one is. i never had the intention to convince Max to get a dog for the SPCA because i know that's not what he wanted. this week at work, i received an email from Marie-Claude saying how urgent it is to find Valdi a home because she is not doing well anymore. i started freaking out and spoke to Max, i spend hours talking about how Valdi is and the things she does, we looked at her profile on petfinder, etc. everyday he would ask me for updates until this weekend when i told him if he wanted to come see her. he was not really interested but i told him if he would come meet her, he would fall in love. i told him that if he falls in love, i will take care of the adoption fee as a gift from me to Max and Valdi.

so today, we came to see Miss Valdi and i was right, he fell in love with her. since Max is aware of how me and Valdi feel for each other, he told me that i have full access to her, i could see her any day at anytime , that i was like her mother . so this is how the story went today, Max is a very sweet and athletic guy, all the criteria that Valdi is looking for . i know Valdi means a lot to a lot of people, i am on facebook ( Azadeh Issa ) so if you want to see pictures or get updates feel free to contact me .
Max thanks all the staff of the SPCA for talking such good care of Valdi and he also believe that is was destiny that brought them together.


This part is by Marie Claude - dog walking co-ordinator and board member

Yesterday Karine T. and I went to the SPCA to work on a couple of our dogs. Not long after we arrived, I ran into Azadeh and asked her what she was doing there! She was not on the schedule!!! She told me she had brought someone to meet Valdi and that she did not want to tell us she had a potential family not to get our hopes up! Sweet girl! I did not get excited right away because I know Valdi is not a good match for the average Joe but I did start to get excited when she told me about Max…!

So Azadeh took Valdi out for a walk with Max. Karine and I could not resist going to walk with them: we had to go and meet this guy and we had to see how the 2 of them interacted together!

I was extremely pleased to discover a gentle giant with a calm demeanor. Valdi was totally relaxed around him. So after a little meet-and-greet and some tips about how to handle Valdi, we handed the leash over to Max and the 5 of us went for a walk in the park. Max was an excellent student! Karine even tried to recruit him for the Team!!! As we walked, we talked about Valdi and her needs. Max already knew about them: it was obvious Azadeh had already given him a good briefing!!

Max handled Valdi very well. He is a very tall and very strong man and his feet were firmly planted on the ground whenever Valdi suddenly pulled on the leash when she saw squirrels and birds! Then came the time for some quality time. We stopped walking and Max petted Valdi with his huge hands ever so gently. It was a very beautiful and very touching thing to see. Our girl was happy and peaceful. I think she know she had found her daddy.

Then, Karine and I left Azadeh, Max and Valdi alone and they went to walk her some more. The trio spent about 2 hours together.

Karine T., Vicki, Karine L. and I waited for the trio to get back. When they did, the 1st thing that came out of Max´s mouth was “I am in love!!!” and Azadeh nodded. We knew what that meant: he was adopting her!!

Valdi will be going home with Max on Friday, as soon as he gets back from a business trip.

Max promised to email her pictures and updates on how Valdi is doing on a regular basis and to visit us once in a while! I told him that in adopting her, he was also adopting the army of people who love her. He seemed to have no problem with that! Max also has a free pass for the Dog Wash so the 1st visit will be in less than 2 weeks!

None of this would have been possible without our wonderful Azadeh! She committed to finding a good home to her beloved Valdi, the dog she would have adopted herself if she could have. On behalf of the Team and of the SPCA, I want to thank you sweet Azadeh, for finding a forever home for our special girl!

There are 2 other people without whom Valdi´s adoption would not have been possible: Our own Stacey and her boyfriend. Thank you so much guys for taking Valdi into foster for a few months and for loving her so much. You literally saved her life at that point. I will forever be grateful to you! There are so words to say how much except Thank you!!!

Tons of love,
Marie Claude
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