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Welcome to the board. You know, I never had any pets until I was well into my high school years. That experience didn't turn out well and I had to wait for a very long time until I was finally able to have a pet. My parents weren't animal people either. My mom passed away, and several years after my dad married a women who had a cute little maltese and a couple of yorkies. Yeah, you can say my dad has since gotten used to pups in the house. Not to mention my 5 cats when he comes over.

Having a pet in your home is just such a wonderful thing. It's like it brings your home alive. You know there is life there and it's wonderful.

I hope you get your pup soon, but just think of the waiting as a good thing. That means when the time is right, you are going to be all the more ready and will find the perfect little guy or girl.
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