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My First Weekend

When I lived in the garage at the breeders, we had newspapers all over the garage floor, so we did out business wherever we wanted.

My new owner, Janet, keeps taking me outside, but except for rolling in the soft grass, I don't know what else she wants me to do (??). There are newspapers all over the house, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with them. My new sister, Abbie, does her "business" outside, but me, I just go wherever I want, although I am getting the idea that maybe I'm supposed to go on the newspapers. There are just so many new things around me, that I keep forgetting. At least Janet is patient with me. Gee, she's a nice lady.

We tried to go for a walk the other night, but I had never seen cars on the street and they scared the daylights out of me. So we are going to go slowly with that business! For now, I'm content just exploring the big fenced yard behind Janet's house, and digging in the soft earth.

Janet doesn't know what kind of life I had before, so she doesn't understand why I cower down and cringe when she goes to pick me up, and I can't tell her of the things I've been through either. I am learning to trust her, but old habits die hard.

One thing I love is cuddling with Janet in her big soft bed at night. I try to get as close to her as possible, but she doesn't seem to like it when I drape myself across her throat. She gently pushes me down beside her, where I nuzzle in for a nice night's sleep. Abbie, the poodle, sleeps on the other side of her, and between the 2 of us, we keep Janet warm and safe. Last night, both the big cats were on the bed too ....... the more, the merrier!

I really love my new home and I follow Janet wherever she goes in the house. When she leaves for a few hours, I am content to get on the sofa with my sister, Abbie, and sleep until she comes back. I don't bark, because I learned that dogs that bark end up at the vet's for an "operation", and I didn't want that. So I am ever so quiet. Janet wonders if I even have a voice ..... one day, maybe, I'll say something; but for now - I'm on my best behavior.

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