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My New Life, by Penny the Chihuahua

Hi folks! My name is Penny (it was Speedy) up until July 18th when I was adopted from Animatch.

My previous life was pretty boring. I lived with other chi's for 5 years in a large, clean garage, where me and the other females had babies once or twice a year. Recently, the "breeder" decided to change stock, and 5 of us wound up at Animatch. Wow, what a difference! I finally got to go outside and see what grass was all about.

The kind people at the rescue had told me how I would be going to a brand new home to begin a new life, and I couldn't wait. They told me about things like "toys", and "playtime" and such, and although I had no idea what they meant, I was game to find out.

On July 18th, me and 2 other chi's were herded into a room where a nice lady was waiting to choose from the 3 of us. I wanted to make a good impression, so I got to her first and gave her as many little chi kisses as I could and begged her to pick me up so she could see what a sweetheart I can be.

Well, I heard the lady say to the boss at Animatch, "Well, I think I've been chosen". She meant ME !!!! I was so happy.

So here I am, in my new home, with a toy poddle sister, and 2 big cat brothers. So many new things that I've never seen or heard .... mirrors, TV's, verticle blinds that clatter ...... scarey stuff! But I'm slowly getting used to the new things around me.

More later .......
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