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Thanks for all your replies!!

I have been reading a lot about different breeds and want to make sure I understand it all.

I guess it's trial and error in the beginning right?

My friend has a great dane and free feeds, because there is less chance of bloat. My other friend has a poodle, and if she left the food out she would eat and eat and eat until she died.

I guess I'm afraid of making a mistake. thing I forgot to add to my list. I understand that bloat can be tied to activity after eating? So...what about bloat and free feed? Does that lessen the chances?

Also, so I can start thinking of a morning schedule. If I feed at 5:30 AM when I wake up, get my shower and eat, and take the dog out for a walk and business around 6 should that be ok? Would that be enough waiting time to let things settle?
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