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Welcome to the board! What cute fuzzbutts

I would also recommend posting in the food'll get more notice in there. I think getting away from Medi-cal is a good idea...and also be weary of any food recommended by a vet. Their nutritional training is pretty much comprised of seminars run by dog food companies (not to say there aren't some who do their own research!) I think you will find much higher-quality food in small specialty pet stores (the large chains typically don't carry great food...Pet Valu has some good ones if you have one of those near you though).

Sorry, I'm not famailiar with Urban Wolf...some good brands I know of are Orijen, Wellness, Solid Gold, Nature's Variety, Go Natural & Horizon. As for cats, I don't have any, so can't really help you! There are tonnes of members with great kitty nutrition advice on here though....just post in the food forum with a title that shows you're looking for cat food help as well.

Until dogfoodanalysis comes back up another site you could check out is:
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