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I have always free feed aswell, never had a dog that would eat all the food at once. Every dog is not the same as I babyset a Golden just 6 weeks younger than Blaze and when Frodo come for the weekend he eats as he wants, at home feed twice a day. Honestly, I have asked his mom to free feed. Frodo does not eat it all at once there is food down all the time and it is not big deal. I too believe each dog is different, Frodo is too skiny for me BLaze is perfect and is allowed to eat when he feels. I think I might want to eat more than twice daily so why would my dog not want to and be allowed. I don't agree with feeding only once a day to me that is wrong. Again only my opinion
We feed Nutro Natural Choice Large Bred Puppy and a bag does my house for about 5 weeks and that is my two eating and Frodo every weekend so I would say they don't over eat at all. Works well for us, Jordie visits Dr 2x a yrs, Blaze will too when we know for sure he is over the mange and no longer needs to visit 2x a month.
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