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Libby Girl is still alive!

To refresh your memory - Libby is the Border Collie that blew the tissue out her nose. Well, She is NO better but she is NO worse. She continues to have bleeding from her nostril. I am continuing to give her ice chips - I add enough water to make a slush / snow ball. (perhaps nerve damage prevents her tongue from lapping)

I agree, some days she eats well - some days not so good. I change up the menu and see what she accepts.

Now, I would like to say something about Libby's medicine. She is currently taking 10mg of Feldene. (Piroxicam). This is an antiarthritic drug that has been found to have some chemotherapeutic traits in dogs. I don't know about the chemotherapeutic traits (though Libby is about the same as she was in late May) but, this morning she followed me upstairs without too much grief.

Now, she has lost weight and she hasn't been working her joints as much - but, I do think her Feldene is helping. (I will admit - just here.... I was going to order her the Feldene from some Canadian-India drug traffic ring off the internet but I got lucky and was prescribed some for me - at Wal-mart it is $10.00 for 30 generic 10mg capsules) ANOTHER THING - I now show her the pill. She was becoming suspicious of every thing I gave her to eat. I now dip my finger in cake icing (ummm) - then stick her pill in the middle - show it to her - and then slide my gommy pilled finger into her mouth. She knows the pill is there but the icing is so good ( cream cheese - her fave) that the pill is ok.

The problem with Feldene is the dosage - it is a capsule - Libby, a dog around 65 pounds, is to have 9 mg a day. At first I opened the capsules and shook out a little bit - but, after about a month I just gave her the entire capsule. It may be easier to die from kidney failure than nasal cancer. Plus, the extra dosage wasn't that much higher.

I am sorry to hear about the trials we and our pets are enduring. But, I ask for no better when I am at the last stage of my life. I hope I am that lucky.
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