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Originally Posted by raingirl
How often should you feed your dog? 2 or 3 times a day?
Briggs is fed once a day.

How much do you feed a dog (I think some food packages have amounts)?
I give her 2 cups

Do you leave food out all the time, or give them a time limit to eat?
she doesn't scarf her food down. It stays all day and she snacks through out the day, and finishes before bed.

How often should they do their "business" (both pee and poo)?
While we're at work she goes four times a day... morning, when we get home, after our dinner, and before bed. On a weekend or something when we're home all day I go out with her every couple hours.. I figure if we're there, there's no reason for her to have to hold it.

How often (for regular visits) do you take them to the vet?
I would say 6 - 12 months, unless there's a reason that she has to go... LOL, we've had her for almost a year and I think we've been about 5 times so far...

Will the vet tell me what vaccinations are needed and when?
Mine sends a letter or we make an appointment while we're there...
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