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Hi Raingirl
I free feed this works for my boy some dogs need to be given each meal so they don't overeat. Bud only eats what he wants. I only give him his daily amount if he finishes it all, that is all he gets for the day. The amount depends on the weight and amount of activity. High energy dogs will require more food and higher protien levels. More seditary dogs require less food and lower protein levels. The better quality the food the less you will give since it is not full of fillers like corn or soya. Buddy is once in the morning and once at night (poo and pee). I take Buddy twice a year. Vaccines are done once a year and that is a whole other debate but you must get rabies every year by law. I don't give my dog all the shots every year except rabies and if it was not required I would do it every 3 years. There is no such thing as a stupid question, stupid is not asking.
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