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Hi I am new to this and in need of some serious pet help!

Hi, my name is Theresa, and I have a one daughter (Tina age 24), son (Tyrone age 22), and son-in-law (Chris age 32) who are all military. I had too introduce it this way to explain the dilemma......well my son, Tyrone returned from Iraq 2 weeks ago and Tina & Chris came home from Korea after being stationed there for 5 years with a sweet lil man named Maxx. Maxx is my granddog and he is a 18month old Yorkshire terrier. Well they have all went on a trip together (the kids that is) and left Maxx with us...well my husband and I have been trying to care for him.
We found out earlier this week he has allergies and therefore, we got him benadryl for that, a bed to sleep in, and my hubby got him a much needed flea collar. Now, we feed him twice a day and walk him frequently...since, he likes to go outside & loves riding in the car more. He went to get groomd a week ago and he had to get all his cute hair cut off, because my daughter and her hubby shows up at our house without a brush and haven't been brushing him daily. Well, I won't comment on that part...however, we do the best we can and I now brush him daily as his hair begins to grow back. but, last night Maxx started coughing or hacking and the benadryl slightly relieved it...but for the 1st time since we met 2 weeks ago he hacked up about a 50 cent piece size of clear, frothy, phlegm and my electrician was here and said it sounded as if he had a hair ball or something he was trying to get up. Well no fever, he still eats well, plays, drinks his water normally, but every now and then he starts hacking again or coughing like sound. Otherwise, he is normal and the same as he has been other than the allergies (we are in Alabama).

I became concerned about pnuemonia...please help my kids are in their own world and this is unfair to Maxx...we have rather come to enjoy him. There is no one home with us other than Maxx...but neither of us has cared for any pets in over 20+ years.

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