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Thought I would bring up my old post when I first joined rather then do a new intro. Even though it was over a year ago that I said we were looking for a puppy, we have not taken that step yet.

At the time we started looking, a friend of mine suddenly needed me to be there for her. She lived out of town so it ment me having to be ready to travel to her. So we put our bringing a pup into our home on hold. Sadly my friends husband passed away but she moved back to Hamilton and we can support her now in a much better way.

In the past year I have also had more mobility issues to deal with including my ability to do house keeping. We have changed a few things to make it easier for me such as swiffers and a carpet flicker.

The changes that have happened with me mean that I feel a small (toy) non shedding breed is best. I can care for the dog on my own if it is small which includes being able to take the dog to the vet on the bus or taxi as we don't drive. I really want a dog in my life but want to be independant in caring for the dog.

Our sweet Chase is still with us and is 14 years old. She is well socialized with dogs and just pops into her hidden place if she wants alone time from the K9 visiters. But most times she can be found stretched out near by her K9 friends.

We are looking at a yorkie but need to find one in Hamilton if possible because we don't drive and don't have family or friends who could help us search outside of Hamilton.

Look forward to looking around this site.
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