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HI MY NAME IS TRACE i would like to share my experience i had last monday with my shepherd of 10 yrs I heard her crying and found her collapsed in the back yard.She coulnt get up and was twitching.She had to be stretchered to the local vets. where her fits continued to worsen despite valium and phenobarb being given to the point of having a grand mal seizure.The vet and ed up removing blood which was too thick to come thru a syringe they had to use a cathetar and drain it from her leg . i thought id lost her she was unresponsive and fitting constantly it broke my heart tess is my baby of 10 yrs, I had to ambulance(drive her in my van) with a gravity fed drip to a specialist clinic as no vets remained open o/nght o the coast i had to give her the chance to stay alive .
11 hrs she hadnt responded to me nor had she moved or walked,so i lent over and whispered in her ear tess if you need to go its ok i love u u can let go .You cant tell me they dont understand ,becuase the next minute she had mustered all her strenght to raise her head and upper half of her body and plonked herself in on my chest and then to my lap as i was kneeling but sitting on my legs , i cryed it was such an unbeleivable thing,Tess was telling me she wasnt going anywhere. the next couple of days she recovered very slowly .it was a good 48hrs b4 she could walk again. But apparently tests revealed she has bone marrow cancer which lead to an overproduction of red cell percentage which led to the seizures. tess is now on Hydrea 500mg which i think is chemotherapy. one day at a tme as long as she isnt suffering. The amazing thing is i wouldnt have had the $3000 it cost for all her care but had received an unexpected cheque which cleared the day her bill was due. As my mum said Pennies from heaven.
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