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The magic words for pinkies are: Warmth, Hydration, Consistency, and Patience.

WARMTH: a heating pad on low, under half their container (not under THEM) is best. Plastic tubs or terrariums are good because the environment is more humid and their skin doesn't dry out. When feeding a pinky, if your hands are warm you can use tissue paper to wrap and hold him...if your hands are cold, WARM a cloth or glove before picking up the pinky or you will chill him instantly.

HYDRATION: pinkies need hydration in the form of formula -- or Pedialyte in the beginning -- at least every 2.5 hrs. This means getting up at least once during the night. I get up twice, and it still means they will go 3.5 hrs sometimes without food but it's usually ok. If they look flat and skinny when you get up to feed them, you are not feeding OFTEN enough. Sorry kids, it's a rough gig those first 2 weeks.

CONSISTENCY: consistent heat.....consistent feedings....if your schedule is going to make you sporadic or unpredictable in caring for these teeny-weenies, give them to someone who has the time to care for them properly. If you don't have a heating pad, GET ONE, without an auto shut-off. Microwave disks are too unpredictable for pinkies and may cook them. Hot water bottles don't last nearly long enough for these fragile babies.

PATIENCE: Feed pinkies slo-o-o--owly. Very slowly. Teeny drop by teeny drop, preferably with a 0.5 (1/2) cc syringe or a 1cc at the LARGEST. Use a nipple attachment for best results. Go very, very slowly. If it takes you 15 minutes to get half a cc of formula into a pinky, yer doin' it perfectly. This is how we avoid aspiration, the #1 cause of death in pinkies and the reason why "some say" there is only a 50% success rate in saving them.
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