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I know have little macy's surgery scheduled for 8/4. They will keep her overnight and I will pick her up after 4pm on the 5th.

The Vet was amazed at her health and 'alertness'. She is very active and to see her running into things breaks my heart. She came running at me the other daya nd misjudged and hit the doorway. She was ok - but a little shaken up. The Doc is only treating one eye as she still has some vision in the other. Her name is Janet Isherwood and she is located just outside of Baltimore. She says that its not the age, its the health of the dog. She thinks Macy will have many years of new life ahead.

I will keep everyone reading the board posted as we complete the surgery and the recovery. She will have to wear a collar for 2 months which I know she will hate, so Ill be using my sewing skills to create her a jacket with a nice big collar to replace that uncomfortable piece of plastic.

Thanks again for everyone's input - I have approached this with caution and taking the risk will be worth it as the quality of her life is not good.
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