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Dr. Grahn at the UofS did my dog's cataract surgery. It will be 7 years on August 13th. The care he got there was great. He still sees to this day.

He does have aritificial lenses and there are mineral deposits around them which limits his peripherial vision. He can fetch his toys quite fine now and doesn't have to sniff to find his food or treats anymore.

My dog was only 5 when he has surgery though. Remember when they get to be elderly the anesthetic may be very hard on them. We lost a dog to anesthesia once. He was 11 and getting his teeth cleaned.

Dogs do cope amazing well with cataracts. I had my dogs repaired because he was so young and young dogs need to play which he couldn't do. I didn't feel he had quality of life then. I don't think I would do it now with an elderly dog. His life is too precious to risk and he is content with sleeping and going for walks now. Those things he can do blind.
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