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Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
Winston - what is DVP I'm giving the cats Wellness grain free, but Kale is not that keen.
Sorry to hi-jack L4H, trying to get finnicky cats to eat is a pain.
Kale is similar to Jasper, everything has to be a certain way and a certain karma around the room, the slightest movement and he goes running. Lord knows why we've had him since he was itsy-bitsy.
Don't worry about the hijack, doesn't bother me especially if it is on the same subject, we all can learn.

DVP is Dick Van Patten, Natural Balance.

Puddles wouldn't eat Wellness either until I sprinkled some pulverized freeze dried salmon on it. She was a fish food addict (fancy feast). Now she loves it. I think it is what ever they get used to.

That is funny how you describe karma's environment in order for him to eat Yes, Jasper is the same way. Even a differnt plate sends him into stress mode.
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