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Sugarcatmom and Growler-advice please

I have been trying to wean all my group off Orijen for obvious reasons. The last die hard is Jasper.

Sweet Pea is OVERWEIGHT (by about 4lbs ) and will eat anything AND everything so I can't leave any food down on the floor or she will eat it. No problem getting her off kibble.

Puddles eats her three meals a day as she has since she has been 12 weeks so she is easy, just have to make sure Sweet Pea is locked up while she eats and she eats when her food is put down. She has been off kibble for a while so no issues with her.

So now Jasper:

He has some mental/stress issues and is very passive. He won't eat if there is any activity in the house. He gets very stressed and walks around and around the island. He won't eat if Sweet Pea is around (she would beat him up when he tried to eat when her kittens wanted to eat from his bowl). If it is quiet and he starts to eat, but will stop as soon as he hears a noise.
When we were putting down kibble and allowing him to eat when he wanted he maintained his weight. Now that he is on canned with very limited kibble, he has lost about 2 lbs very quickly (kibble sprinkled on his Wellness). I have started locking him in the bedroom with us at night and bringing his food in with him so he will eat. The problem seems to be that he won't spend enough time eating to get enough calories with canned.

Any change seems to stress this guy out. I am worried his weight loss will continue. He is actually at a healthy weight now, he was a little porky before. If only Sweet Pea would loose some.

Should I continue with kibble or stick to my guns as I did with Puddles and have him eat only canned?
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