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Originally Posted by clm View Post
A different variety each time, never fed the same thing twice the same day.
That's how I do it too. You should see the look of disgust I get if I dare offer the same flavour within a 24hr period. What's really funny is trying to explain to my pet sitter the canned food rotation protocol. At first I could tell she wanted to roll her eyes, but after looking after Aztec for a few days, she fully understands.

Aztec usually gets Wellness for breakfast, either Chicken, Turkey, Beef/Chicken, and only once or twice a week, Turk/Salmon or Beef/Salmon. For evenings and weekends, he gets Nature's Variety frozen raw medallions (chicken or beef) or Blue Kat frozen buffalo, venison, or chicken. For even more variety, I'll occasionally feed Fancy Feast chicken/liver or turkey/giblets, which he loves, or Innova Evo 95% duck or venison, which he doesn't love so much, but it's healthy.
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