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Originally Posted by Orange View Post
Hi Stacer !

I would like to have many varieties of flavors so that's why i didn't want to buy cases.
But for the safety as you said, that's a good idea to have a case

I've tried "Chicken" and "Turkey" so far, he seems to like them! Especially "Turkey" for some reason.
I can't wait to try some other flavors, including "Fish" ones.
He has food allegies but so far so good! Hopefully fish ones works good too.
I keep a lot of dog and cat food varieties too, the dogs get just as many different types of canned foods if not more than the cats so we went out and bought a pantry cupboard specifically for canned cat and dog food and treats.
I prefer to buy cases and yes buying that many varieties takes up a lot of cupboard space. Then I have to have a process to stack them in there so I know they're not going to get the same thing they had in the morning when I give them their dinner.
Hubby kills himself laughing after I've bought all the food and go about stacking it all using my little system. Works though, and both the dogs and the cats love the variety in their diets and it's cheaper buying cases in the long run.

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