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Well, I'm feeding a lot of cats, 3 indoor and at least 4 or 5 strays, so besides picky eaters I gotta keep costs under control too. Finding higher quality foods to change up with some of the crappier types that they love has been a challenge to say the least but I've found quite a few recently that all of them like.
First off, all the cats always have a bowl of dry to munch on inbetween their wet foods, so they get a mix of kirkland and natures variety instinct or orijen.
Canned foods are , friskies salmon or chicken. Fancy feast tender beef, chicken liver and grilled chicken. (better quality), snappy tom, natures variety instinct (rabbit, chicken or duck) and any of the go natural canned. They all get a can of good as well as the other every day and are fed canned in the morning and in the evening. A different variety each time, never fed the same thing twice the same day.


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