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Hi Sabine,

Thanks for your input. I am not sure and that is why I am taking her for professional advice. She is no different now than she was 10 years ago, she still very very active, loves to play, and the regular vet is always amazed at her bloodwork. We have had no health problems.

I certainly am very very attached to my little girl and want only the best for her. These are times when I wish she could talk to me. We all know that for must of us, our pets are so much more than just a dog or cat. They are our children. We want them around as long as possible. I will forever feel guilty if I dont check out the opportunity, I dont want to wonder "what if". I would feel very selfish for not having this option checked out.

Do i want to spend this kind of money? NO! But then I also think of how selfish I am being, if they were my eyes, I would want them fixed, she has given so much over the years, I do owe her this. Right now she is bumping into doors and furniture and it is obviously having an effect on her, I certainly see the difference in her moods.

Thanks for your advice and everyones, This is why I came here, I dont want to do this alone....


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