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Hey Chase Mom

Other than the harness, I've:

- Taken him to obedience classes specifically for loose-leash walking
- Tried turning 180 degrees every time he pulls - he walks OK for a few steps then lunges back into husky-without-a-sled mode
- I've tried being a 'tree' and standing completely still until he stops pulling. Unfortunately, he eventually sits down and then as soon as I move forward he goes into the lunge again
- I've tried treat training from a bag around my waist but to be honest he's so completely in a different mood when we're outside. He loves treats inside but couldn't care less once we set foot out of the door. There are squirrels, leaves, rabbits and blades of grass blowing in the wind that capture his attention.
- I made some little elasticated booties for him to cover up his dew claw so I could use the halti but he can get them off eventually.

Any help/suggestions would be very, very much appreciated!
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