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Chicken is a great raw to start with. It is generally recommended to start with one protein and then gradually add in others as they original is accepted well. Chicken is also fairly soft and digestible so I really wouldn't worry to much. I have a dog that is a gulper so I often hold a corner of the chicken until I feel it has at least had a few token chews .

If your dog is a real gulper then I would probably recommend that you not feed turkey necks unless you first take a mallet to them to crush the bones. Turkey necks are one of the more common choking risks although I have never personally had any issues.

Is feeding outside an option for you? What about a crate? Some people even feed in the bathtub to prevent dragging the food around . I would recommend leaving a leash on the pup and designating a spot that you don't want him to leave while eating. The leash can then be used to redirect him back to the spot.

Good luck .
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