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Well, I guess it's been roughly a month since we started Jaida on the Glyco-flex...I missed the other postings on this thread, sorry guys!

To answer one question, there's nothing wrong with Glyco-flex 1 or 2, they just have lower doses of the supplements, and different ingredients to some extent. The III version is meant for dogs that need significant joint support, whereas I is used more as a preventative than anything else.

So, what's the verdict after 4 weeks? So far, I'm happy with them. They're very palatable and easy to give. I decided to double her loading dose after the first two weeks from 2 tabs to 4 a day since her weight was right at the edge between the two doses (and since she's missing a leg, she probably would be closer to the higher dose anyways), once I knew her tummy could handle it. No stomach upset at all.

As for the stiffness/limping? I think that it has improved. I find she is not as stiff-legged nor does she swing out her bad leg as much after a good walk, and I haven't seen any significant stiffness in the morning anymore, nor have I seen her uncomfortable at bedtime. No hesitation to go up stairs, which we had been starting to see. She does still limp, but then the joint is still not repaired, so...

I'm going to keep her on this high dose for another month and see how it goes. Overall, I do find that this is improving her range of motion and recovery from activity. She had a big walk in muddy trails yesterday, and chased frisbees and balls for about an hour as well, and she is fine today. We'll keep this up for sure.
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