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Not new to loving animals but am new here.

Well, Somehow I stumbled across this site, I love it. Finally somebody who won't mind a animal coversation. How refreshing! I had 7 cats at one point but only because 3 were seniors and I did not want an empty nest. Now I have Lucy, she is a small black long haired dom. Then Sir Quincy Magoo, he is a 22 lb gray male and we just call him Quincy. He did earn his formal title by being a goofy male kitten. He has been the best behaved. Then Spot, she came with the boyfriend and he thought it would be funny to give her a dog name, She acts like a normal cat although he thinks she thinks she is a dog. He also managed to get a credit card for her, he says she doesn't spend much. When the company found out it was for a cat, they said to cancel it and that is what he told them. She always pays it off whats the problem?
She is a tortie looking cat, short haired.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to much enjoyment in reading and conversation.