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Oh believe me I'm persistent with this darn cat. His mom refuses to eat wet food or scraps as well. I think he learned it from her. It's funny how a dirty smelly messed up stray cat who will eat anything can turn into a prissy little house cat so quick. She used to eat lots of wet food, but now she won't even eat table scraps like when my mom makes chicken, Socks will just ignore us when we try to feed her scraps. So she taught her son to be the same way. Missy eats wet food from time to time.

I will put some wet food on the end of a spoon and put it in their mouths and they will eat it and act like it's tasty, but then be all stuck up about it and not eat anymore. One time about 2 weeks ago I got Socks to eat some Innova Evo, but never again since then.

CatSip has .005% taurine in it. It'd be more helpful if the told you what that was in mg or something.
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