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Ohhhhh I almost totally get it now. All my cats are dudes as far as I know (the kittens all appear to be male).. I only have Missy, Three Legged Missy and Socks that are female. Last time I was at the vets for Socks, Missy and Kasey getting a check up, the vet said I have to make sure that their food is approved for urinary tract health. I was like.... uhhh it has cranberries does that count? And he asked what I was feeding them and like most vets, had no idea what I was talking about He's a good vet otherwise though, but still into Purina and Science Diet.

Blue says:
Magnesium 0.10% min

I'm pretty much understanding the idea, and it seems like I'm doing everything right. My mom says that when a male cat gets a UTI that it's horrible. My one male cat doesn't eat wet food and will only eat dry food, but he drinks a normal amount of water so I suppose thats good enough.

And while I'm here, is it possible to over dose a cat on Taurine? They get alot of taurine from their food, but almost daily they get CatSip cat milk which has extra taurine added into it.

I'm getting so annoyed by commercial pet food brands I got a big bag of Chicken Soup for the cat lovers soul for 25$ to feed the stray cats. Cheapest I could find at the pet store I go to.
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