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Magnesium has to do with urinary health right? Or is that something else.

I'm basically trying to make sure all my cats are getting everything they need. They are all between 9 months and 2 and a half years. None of them have any problems other then Jack has FHV-1 but that's not related to food.

I've read about urinary PH has to do with something else, and cats can get UTI's if they have too much of something. And I think at one point I read too much ash = UTI's.

I really just don't understand how to read the Guaranteed Analysis XD

I bought some Aunt Jeni's Home Made stuff today and it's defrosting now.... so I suppose it's okay to feed them regular kibble, canned food and raw food right? A variety would be good to keep them all healthy right?

I'm glad this site's around, or else I'd still be feeding my cats Friskies and Whiskas and thinking wet food made their teeth rot (my grandmom still insists that's true!)
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