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ASH ‘the incombustible inorganic residue remaining after incineration; generally the mineral content of the food’ *

Contrary to popular belief ash in pet food has not been collected from a fire place and added for bulk!

In pet food the constituents are broken down in to several components: carbohydrate, moisture, protein, fibre and fat/oil.

Anything that does not come into one of these categories is called by the general term 'ash'. Therefore ash contains minerals and vitamins and is essential for your pet's health.

It is called ash because when the food is burned (to determine its analysis) carbohydrate, fibre, fat and protein are all incinerated. Ash is the part of the food that remains after incineration.
At one time high levels of ash was thought to cause FUS/FLUTD but that is debatable, no one is really sure one way or the other.

Min 7% is in line with Orijen, alittle higher than Wellness and less than Evo, the higher the meat content the higher the ash level is going to be.
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