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oh goodness, i didn't get any notifications that anyone had responded, i would have posted again sooner. i'm still trying to wrap my head and emotions around it, but killian ended up going in for bloodwork, which showed no high levels of white cells or anything, no tick diseases or any reason for the bleeding. two days later they put him under and did a scope and found the tumors in his right sinus cavity. he's only 7 years old, i just never imagined i would be losing him so soon. i don't know why, but the vet didn't do any sort of biopsy while he was in there, and i'm not going to subject killian to being put under again. he had a hard time coming out of the anithesia, vomitting and lethargic until the next day. so i don't know what kind of tomors, but he said it looked like a bunch of grapes and had it's own blood supply. he had no idea how long killian might be here, or how the end might be. i think everyone in this thread has much more experience with this than my vet. in all his years as a vet he has only had one other animal have tumors in the sinuses and it was a cat. killian's nose has gone from the occasional bleed to dripping red mucous constantly now i have him on antihistamines to try to dry up some of that mucous, and some herbs my step dad gave me, but i am not sure any of it is helping. it's so hard because he seems just like his old self! still sweet and playful, not at all what my other dog was like with cancer. if it wasn't for that constant bloody reminder i'd have no way to know he was sick. i can tell he's losing his sense of smell, and it breaks my heart. i think i'm going to start making him ground beef and turkey to eat. like y'all said, spoil him to the end! thanks so much for the thoughts and for responding. i appreciate having others who know exactly what we are going through.
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