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What's 'ash' in pet food?

I've noticed from buying so many different holistic brands that the erm, nutrition label things will vary. There's a a couple things I don't understand, but 'ash' is at the top of my list. I just searched it on google and on here, and still really don't understand it.

My cats are on Blue Buffalo Wilderness for their 'main' dry diet but I supplement with whatever I feel like buying (Evo mostly, Before Grain and Halo sometimes too).

The bag says

Ash 7.0% min

Is that good or bad or what? Is it only in dry food or is it in wet food? I never noticed it on wet food.

Why are pet food labels so darn hard to understand?!! I spend a ton of time reading all those articles you guys post on how to read them and still get confused.

Thanks much for any answers.. might not be back online tomorrow but will still check in asap.
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