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Yup, canned Wellness is indeed made at Menu Foods, but at a different plant than the 2 that were involved in the recall. As well, my understanding is that Wellness provides the ingredients and Menu Foods merely processes them, whereas the ingredients in the recalled foods were provided by Menu. Different companies have different arrangements.

My take on the issue is that unless you're willing to make your own food, you're always going to be at the pet food company's mercy (that goes for human food too). Wellness did not have any recalled product, they handled themselves professionally during the recall, and they make a quality food. That's good enough for me, for now at least. There just aren't enough other equally good canned foods to be able to pick and choose. None are perfect. I believe Natura (Innova Evo, California Naturals etc) and Nature's Variety are also made by Menu Foods. Merrick and Evanger's are not (although Evanger's have had their own canning problems).
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