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Actually Katherine,HD can/does develop later on.You can have a perfectly healthy dog at the age of 3,then this perfectly health dog can get HD at 5.

Also,hips get certified at 2 yeas of age..This is why no breeding should ever take place before 2.You can have pup xrayed at 6 months(like I did with my guys)and the hips can be clear.Then done again at 18 months(like I did)and the HD can show.Knock on wood none of mine have had it.

Even with both parents being clear,they can still produce pups with HD.

LittleQueenie,any of this happening with Shy?

- Generally less active.

- Problem with stairs.

- Less jumping

- Trouble rising, or laying down.

- When running will exhibit a Bunny hopping style gait

- Painful reaction to the extension of the rear legs.

- A faint popping sound coming from the hip.

These are a few signs for HD.
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