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Originally Posted by breeze View Post
My husband tried that once and he told me never to buy it again lol he said it tasted like rubber we tried what our friend sugested but it was terrible with a capital T lol yuk
It could be the way you're making it.

My husband was a very strict meat eater when I met him but he likes tofu if I make it.

Tofu is VERY versatile, but if you're working with plain tofu there's not much flavor so you have to keep in mind that the point is to flavor the tofu how you want.

One very simple thing is tofu curry. I'm not a vegetarian so I usually make it with a tiny bit of chicken because chicken gives it the best flavor, IMO, but for something strictly vegetarian you could sautee garlic, onion and ginger in oil, add a bit of vegetable broth, allow it to simmer for a couple of minutes so all the flavors get mixed together real good. Put the tofu in along with a good curry seasoning mix and add a can of coconut milk and salt or soy sauce to taste. You would want to add a bit of sugar or fruit juice as a sweetener, since if you don't use chicken it tends to lack a certain sweetness. I'm not sure why this is since chicken itself isn't necessarily sweet but that's what tends to happen when completely removing chicken from this type of recipe.
Allow to simmer until the tofu absorbs plenty of flavor and then serve over rice.
I don't really have measurements on stuff since I largely cook by taste and experience, but that's a good general recipe if your cooking ability allows you to personalize the amount of ingredients to your own taste or if you don't mind experimenting.

There are also many other different types of tofu than just silken tofu so you may wanna try those. There are a ton of flavored and very firm tofu that make good bases for recipes, and also tempeh as mummummum mentioned.

Tofu can also work good in various dessert and drink recipes, such as smoothies.

Again, the main thing to remember about tofu is that unless you buy it already flavored you will HAVE to give the tofu flavor yourself. The main reason people use tofu is for the texture, not the flavor, so don't expect to just be able to open a box of tofu and start eating it.
If the tofu tastes bad in your recipe it's because the recipe itself was lacking in some way or not executed properly. For instance, throwing tofu into a dish and then just turning off the stove could give you a very bland and unpleasant meal, whereas letting the tofu cook for long enough will infuse the flavor throughout. On the other hand letting a soft tofu cook too long or stiring too often will just turn the dish into a pile of mush, so you don't really want that either (unless that's what you were going for).

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