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Please Help! Dr. Lee? Anyone?

I posted this yesterday. Sam was the same last night and today. I have questions for the vet as to whether the CBC would have shown anything elevated if he received too much roundworm treatment, or it's having an effect on him. Also as to whether if it's FIP he would have a fever, but she hasn't called me back. He doesn't appear to be getting worse, but not getting better either. I don't want to sit around and assume it's just some sort of sprain or something when he needs to be getting treatment. Any help anyone can offer would be appreciated. I love my cats and just had to put one down in April. I don't want to have to go through it again anytime soon!
I am new to this site, but my Sam's issue seems to be a lot like Brianna's.

This started about two days ago that I noticed. Sam is an 8 year old - and very fat - 24lb - cat. A few weeks ago, one of my other cats was coughing - either asthma or acute bronchitis. Treated, but also stool sample revealed roundworms - so all three treated for roundworms. A week ago Monday, they all received their 2nd dose of roundworm treatment. This past Monday, I noticed Sam didn't really want to get up from the couch. Tuesday I noticed the same thing, but when he did get up, his hind legs are wobbly and they just don't seem to be working properly.

Took him to the vet yesterday. Xrays normal, CBC came back normal. No signs of infection, no diabetes. She's instructed me to keep a close eye on him, try to get a urine sample over the next week. Also, if he doesn't get better, more blood work to see if perhaps a clot. (I am assuming at this point he is urinating and defacating normal since I have 3 cats, am gone all day, and have electric litter boxes.)

Can anyone please offer some help with what might be going on with my Sam?

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