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I am reading this book right now and am really enjoying it. As a new dog owner living in a very rural area, I can relate. Just yesterday, Molly saw her first Whitetail Deer and chased it into the bush for quite a distance, even though I told her NO. I was worried at first but then thought about this book and how it is just a dog's natural instinct to do stuff like this. She eventually came back to me, tail wagging, saying "did you see that!? how cool was that!? "
I like the approach that the author takes- dog and human as partners, and he sure knows his stuff. He seems to approach it from a background of canine behaviour and basic instincts. However, there's no way he could have lived such a life with Merle in a city or similar setting.
I went to Ted Kerasote's website today and watched a slideshow of Merle's life. It was really neat to see pictures of them after reading about all their adventures
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