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Fingers and paws crossed for B on Thursday please

Well, this weekend was horrible. Karma is apparently allergic to something that bit her, so good ol Benadryl came to the rescue for her this weekend after we were out playing in the field.
However, Bailey overheated exceptionally fast about 5 minutes after I had Karmas swelling being treated, and he did his good ol drunken Cocker walk. I immediately penned up the other dogs ( rounded up the boarders too) and ran B in the house, I put him by the AC unit to cool him down, he couldnt walk at all at this point and was just panting and panting.
I brought him into the tub and ran some luke warm water through the shower head to help him cool down.
At this point he started to have a little seizure It was a very small one, lasted less than half a minute. I held his head in the tub while it was happening. Once he was done that I took him out and put him in a towel (still couldnt stand let alone walk) but he was now cooling down, his breathing was less labored and I could see things were going to be alright ( for today)
I called the vet immediately once I got down stairs with him, and they said as long as once he cooled down he was alright, there was little need for an E visit ( I love my vet)
However, we are thinking the time has come that B is going to need to be put on meds. He is going in on Thursday where they will run more tests, full blood panel to see if his internal organs are functioning properly and we will start him up on a low dosage of the meds.

About 5 minutes after his whole "episode" he came to and was acting as though nothing happened. Little bugger is such a fighter.

If you can all keep your fingers and paws crossed for him on Thurs. that he has good test results and can start up on meds to help him out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.
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