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Ok, so this all has me confused

I have had two plecos in my lived in a 10 gal tank for 8 yrs and the other started in said 10 gal tank and now has a 25 gal tank-still lives there after 6 yrs. Both were/are the black ones that start tiny and grow to be HUGE! The last one was 5.5" and this one is 7".

Here is what is confusing...

I have never fed them anything other than regular tropical food and whatever they get off the tank...both float/ed on their backs as I dropped food into their mouths...the last one would let me rub his belly, but this one doesn' if I start feeding it veggies and whatnot, is it going to start growing even bigger?!? Should I start or will that affect his health since he is used to this diet? He seems very active and colouring seems good...nice fins etc...better to leave well enough alone? What are the benefits?
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