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hi, i'm new here. i've been searching and searching online for some answers to why my dog's nose has been bleeding. i am so sorry for everyones loses on this thread, it is so sad. i lost my first baby, a beagle mix named charlie, to cancer in 2005, and i still cry about him, i can't bare to spread his ashes yet. the thought that killian might have cancer too is making me really upset. here's the background.... killian is an aussie/border collie something else mix, he'll be 8 in october. a few months back he had a sudden nose bleed from his right nostril, i thought it was from both, but after wiping it several times i realized it was only coming from the right side. there was some sneezing associated with this bleeding. i took him to the vet on monday and he said killian had a slight fever, and it was most likely and infection. he gave me antibiotics for him. the nose bleed stopped very quickly, that night i believe, so i thought he had probably just gotten stuck with a stick, but i gave him the anitbiotics anyway, although i didn't finish, i think i was 3 days short. please don't flame me, i had a 3 year old, 2 year old and newborn at the time! (3 year old is now a 4 year old ) i was more than a little stressed and busy. i felt like a loser for not finishing them, but he seemed fine. now, a week ago we found some more blood spots all over the floor, and a 3"ish spot next to his bed. we then noticed our new female rescue dog licking herself and realized she is infact NOT spayed, and is in heat. so i think it must be that. but on sunday i see killian's right nostril actually does have blood dripping. i plan to take him to the vet on monday, but it stopped again, and i assume that maybe it was just a coincidence, maybe he just jammed his nose on something again. he and the new rescue dog play and rough house a LOT. then today, a week later he came up to me all happy, wagging his tail, and there is a stream of thick clear mucous coming from his right nostril again. it was tinged with blood. now it's still running clear, more thin, kind of orange tinted.
i am taking him to the vet in the morning, but i guess i just need to hear from you all if this sounds like what you experienced, or if there is anything else you think it might be? thanks so much for your help.
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