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Beware of pet stores when buying crabs

I bought some crabs, set them up in a nice tank 60/40 water and land. I conditioned the tap water and every thing worked out great. Stopping at this web site and learning to care for them was the best thing I did. Pet stores sometimes keep them in freshwater tanks (ask!) and the crabs can go home with you already a little comprimised (health wise), its not necessarily a reason not to buy them, but the pet store wasnt forthcoming with the above information about "Brackish water" the store I shopped here in vancouver, would rather they only live 6 months and sell me more later rather than they live longer lives.

I am glad I did my homework because they are very cool and they provide hours of entertainment to us as well as the cat and dog like to watch them as they wave. I think they are trying to tell us something, but so far all I have disiphered is something about a comet and the end of the world.

They are easy to care for and great little friends

We named ours Hellboy and Abe Sapien.

Get advice on crab care from a book or online not from the pet store, some of them might not have your best interests at the front of thier mind, just the almighty buck!

Sad but true
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