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Originally Posted by ShiroPower View Post
I have a 4 month old lab/ pyrenees cross. I had been mentioning raw feeding to my husband for quite some time (like, a year as I researched it) and he was always against it. We met a lady who has 2 great Pyrenees and she feeds raw. I go on vacation for a week and a half (helping my sister move from BC back to Ontario- yee-haw) and he started Shiro on raw.

My question/ concern is that he isn't eating organ meat. We've tried him on liver, heart, etc from pork and chicken (and a tiny bit of beef liver) and he won't touch it. He loves everything we've given him so far, and we're trying hard to maintain him on 10% bone portion.

We're feeding him chicken backs and thighs, pork necks (in small quantities, they're mostly bone), and pork backs. That's about it so far. Is that adequate? I KNOW we need to get more organ stuff in there, and we give him some every meal, and he won't touch it. Should we just not-feed at all until he eats the organ stuff, and he'll eventually get hungry enough to eat it???

We read to feed 10% of body weight to puppies, and then 2-3% of body weight for an adult, so he's eating a lot and gaining weight properly and growing like mad.

He's a bit constipated so we'll reduce the bone content by a little bit- that seems the right thing to do, from what I understand.

Sorry- so many questions. This is just much more complex than giving him a scoop of kibble!
ive found that a chicken without the breast is just a little too much bone so we add different meats to that since chicken (and other bird) bones are easier for him to chew through. also found CUT bones (such as pigs necks as opposed to softer pig bones like pigs feet) were the *only* bones Mister threw back up and it was fairly regularly at that. be careful with sawed bones.

i like pitgrrls suggestions!!

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