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Won't eat organ meat? (and other questions)

I have a 4 month old lab/ pyrenees cross. I had been mentioning raw feeding to my husband for quite some time (like, a year as I researched it) and he was always against it. We met a lady who has 2 great Pyrenees and she feeds raw. I go on vacation for a week and a half (helping my sister move from BC back to Ontario- yee-haw) and he started Shiro on raw.

My question/ concern is that he isn't eating organ meat. We've tried him on liver, heart, etc from pork and chicken (and a tiny bit of beef liver) and he won't touch it. He loves everything we've given him so far, and we're trying hard to maintain him on 10% bone portion.

We're feeding him chicken backs and thighs, pork necks (in small quantities, they're mostly bone), and pork backs. That's about it so far. Is that adequate? I KNOW we need to get more organ stuff in there, and we give him some every meal, and he won't touch it. Should we just not-feed at all until he eats the organ stuff, and he'll eventually get hungry enough to eat it???

We read to feed 10% of body weight to puppies, and then 2-3% of body weight for an adult, so he's eating a lot and gaining weight properly and growing like mad.

He's a bit constipated so we'll reduce the bone content by a little bit- that seems the right thing to do, from what I understand.

Sorry- so many questions. This is just much more complex than giving him a scoop of kibble!
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