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First of all, welcome to! Sorry to hear about your cat's diarrhea. I think a checkup with the vet would be a good idea.

Do you home test your cat's blood glucose levels at all? If so, what kind of numbers have you been getting? The reason I ask is because Lantus, even though it's long-lasting for people, is rarely a once-a-day insulin for cats. They metabolize insulin much faster than dogs or people so bid dosing provides the best coverage.

Also, about that Hill's M/D: not the best quality ingredients, and to be honest, diabetics shouldn't be eating any dry if possible. You don't need prescription food, any low-carb canned (or raw!) will do. Having said that, I wouldn't make any diet changes unless you are testing bg's at home because removing the dry could decrease insulin needs, resulting in a hypo if adjustments aren't made.

In the meantime, you could try some slippery elm bark for the diarrhea and to sooth the intestinal tract. There's info here on that:

I hope your kitty gets better soon. Give us an update on her condition.
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