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Unhappy Diabetic cat issue - possible long-term complication? Unknown cause of diarrhea

I have a 16yo female DLH (tortie) cat who has had DM x 6 years.
She is (and has been) on Lantus 3u sq qd for at least a year (nph bid before that) without incident.
She eats hill's rx m/d dry food and 1/2 can fancy feast bid.
She is also an indoor cat as well. Her weight is "normal" for her now - ~10 - 11lbs. She has lost 5 -6 lb over the past 6 years, so no new weight loss or gain issues.
For the past week she has had diarrhea and we don't know why. She doesn't "appear" to be in pain, but I can tell she doesn't feel good. She has also (as of today) pooped on a rug (not a good sign). She was very well groomed a month ago (a "lion cut"), so her fur hasn't grown in enough for us to think a fur blockage is the issue.
I am concerned about possible pancreatitis or partial gastroparesis due to the diabetes. She does vomit ocassionally, which is "normal" for her, but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary with the exception of the diarrhea. She still eats and drinks water normally. We figure if this doesn't improve by Monday, she will go in to see the Vet for an assessment, evaluation, and testing.
Any other thoughts or something that we can do? Thank you.
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