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Originally Posted by TakenAway2Soon View Post
missy322 -

The best advice I got from my vet when I was about an inch away from losing my mind with worrying about the Quality of Life my 15-year-old dog was having was to:


He had 3 different times when he quit eating altogether (one time as long as 4 days). I switched him over from dry dogfood to a good brand of canned food (the kind with all the chunks of meat and vegetables). On top of the stuffed-up nose and sneezing, his teeth had also been giving him problems that I was unaware of at the time. This change from dry to wet food started him eating again. After the 2nd time he stopped eating, I fed him small pieces of grilled hotdogs. This worked well for a few weeks. After he wouldn't eat hotdogs anymore, through trial-and-error I found the next incentive: shredded cheese

Like Missy, my dog would also have these unexpected surges of energy (running around in the back yard, etc) after having gone DAYS without eating and/or drinking any water. I still don't know how he had the strength and stamina to do some of the things he did.

What is a treat for Missy? Bacon? Hamburger? Whatever it happens to be, if making a meal of treats everyday will start her eating again, then that is what I would give her.

I agree. The specialist who diagnosed my dog, more or less, said the same thing....unrestricted diet and unlimited activity.

I know there's nothing I can do to cure my dog, but I could maybe prolong it a little bit by feeding food she'll eat. Eating something is better than eating nothing. One thing I've done, since she started with the nose bleed, I've been feeding her chicken livers to help with her iron loss. Does it work...I don't know...but she loves'em. I also will mix chicken or turkey in with her food.
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