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Whether your cat has thyroid issues or diabetes, these chronic health problems are usually associated with diet. Cats in the wild (grasslands of Africa, which is where the domestic cat originated) do not display these types of health conditions. If you opt to feed a biologically correct diet of meat, (whether raw or cooked, it is your choice), these health issues do not tend to materialize. Any holistic vet worth their salt will tell you that a species appropriate diet is the answer to these health issues. I hope this information is helpful. If you need any information on how to feed this way, Feline Future has plenty of information. One thing to keep in mind with cat diets - a cat should never be fed a dry kibble diet, as this tends to make the cat chronically dehydrated, and the grain content of the kibble upsets the pH level in the urine, causing struvite crystals and kidney problems.
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