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Its so sad that all of us and all of our dogs have to go through this, it just doesnt seem right.

I wanted to give an update on Missy, she doesnt seem to be doing to well these days. We were away for the weekend and we noticed Saturday night her nose was runny again, it was blood but not clots.. just running. She too can not breath well out of her nose, she sleeps leaning against a wall or something propping her head up. She is also sneezing a lot again, sometimes the crazy sneezes that are just uncontrollable. The other day I got home from work and when I went into my upstairs bathroom noticed she had diahrea all over, and since that she has continued to do so in the middle of the night and while we are at work. The past day or 2 it has seemed like more pee than anything but the worst part about it all.... she is not drinking or eating much so where is it coming from?!?!?! I am so scared and I just dont know what to do, it seems like she is just shutting down but then again she was running around in the yard last night. None of it makes sense to me and it is just very hard on me. :sad:
Has anyone else experienced the accidents?
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