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So would I, it is just that most of the rotties and pits I have seen are the sweetest things. Our neighbor has a pit mix, named patches, and he doesn't even bark, EVER, unless his owner's kids are out playing, and he is out with them. Patches sees Cano and me outsied every day. The two of them can get close enough to touch noses, but that is about it. When Cano tries to play, Patches gets scared. It is really cute. I can go right up to Patches and pet him with not reaction from him what so ever. We also have a neighbor behind us that owns a rottie. He just moved in there a few weeks ago, At first I was terrified, because he would charge at the fence everytimeo I would go outside. But it only took me a few days to see that he barked at everything that would move! I haven't met his owner, and petted him yet, but I have seen him play with a boy about the age of 9, and he seems very gentle. I don't know dogs of either breed that have actually attacked anyone. But I do know of smaller dogs that have bitten. And I don't think any breed in particular should be banned. It is not fair to the animals.
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